Hardware and software means   

modélisation tridimensionnelle à l'aide du logiciel CadnaA / Datakusitk
Each project needs to take into consideration the standard in use to define the acoustical constraints. Modelling means allow the simulation of situations and the forecasting of effects of acoustical devices on the project’s noise impact. They make it possible to define a strategy to reduce noise in the environment.


7 precision integrator sonometers SOLO (and Blue Solo) Real Time
2 precision integrator sonometers SIP95 Real Time
3 acquisition systems and processes of vibratory and acoustic signal
- SYMPHONY 01 dB system (two ways)
- JAZZ 01 dB system (two ways)
- NetdB 01dB system (twelve ways)
- dBENV32, environment software
- dBBATI32, building software
- dBFA32 and dBRTrait, acquisition .wave, autospectrum BF, octave, 1/3 octave, dBFA, real time processing module, and interspectrum
- Laptop Toshiba T 21OCS and COMPAQ PRESARIO
- Acustical calibrator Norsonic model 1251 type and 01dB CAL 01 type - class 1
- Vibration calibrator RION model VE-10

2 modems remotely controlled monitoring system, for noise and vibratory
- 01dB JAZZ system + software
- 8 ways National Instrument card

1 standard intensimetric prove GRAS 50 AI-B type

Vibratory measurement sensors
- Signals preamplifiers Brüel & Kjaer 2335 type
- Accelerometers Brüel & Kjaer 4370 type
- Electronic integrated accelerometer DBJ A/121/VI
- Geophone Lennartz DIN 3D

- Microphones, cables etc.
- Stands for microphones and sonometers
- Cameras

- Broad band source
- Alarm gunh


- CadnaAForecasting of sound impact in the surroundings of industrial facilities, regarding roads and rails infrastrucures
- LOCALNoise level forecasting in workshops
- CATT AcousticRooms acoustic forecasting with multicriterion computing

- Acoustique
Computer-assisted drawing

Insulation computer forecasting for single, multiple, composite walls and
reverberation duration

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