Acoustics and research   

In its every day life, acousticians are often confronted to the gap between scientific theory and experimental results. In this context, Accord Acoustique always performs research program and development activities. The purpose is to improve the control of informatics tools in order to get results as close as possible from the reality.

In this direction, Accord Acoustique has brought to fruition, a research program on an important size Kundt pipe. Nowadays, we’re working on several themes: the impact of weather parameters on residual noise level, the impact of railway vibrations in cities and the development of an evaluation method of acoustic emission by vibratory measurement.

On the field of industry, and especially concerning high technology, it’s necessary to customize work methods and production tools to the activity. In this context, applied research is often useful. If in your competence domain, you wish to optimize your production system and improve your performances, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will study your project with interest!
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