Builiding's Acoutics   

The success of a building project is naturally due to its architectonic quality. But what would it be without a perfect adequacy between the building and its use? An adapted lighting, thermal comfort, but also acoustic comfort completes the success of a place.

Concerning acoustics, the construction standards are improving in many sectors such as houses, schools… But many fields are still left aside and yet no standard is in use for cultural or tertiary buildings.

First of all, an acoustic program must be established according to the destination of the building. This program raises a technical design, and then the development of suitable solutions.

Accord Acoustique offers missions of assistance to the control of work for companies by programming, designing and following-up the building realization.

Measurements: acoustic and vibratory measurements constitute an essential way to establish the situation diagnosis. They make it possible to characterize the environment, the quality of a room, the comfort of a house or a work place, the machine noise emission... ACCORD-Acoustique is well equipped with powerful measurement instruments: level of acoustic pressure, intensimetry, vibratory analysis...
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